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Re-visit in China

– Small and medium enterprises from China are planning their expansion to European markets. We will try to attract them to our region – says Barbara Kaśnikowska, the President of Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. Delegates from Dolnośląskie Province have come back from their visit to China. During the mission a cooperation agreement between Wałbrzych and the city of Tiencin was signed. Additional contacts between local administration and entrepreneurs were made.

China has the fastest developing economy in the world. They are also the biggest exporter and second size importer.The delegates from Dolnośląskie Province met the representatives of government administration and entrepreneurs in Beijing, Tiencin and Guangzhou. Among others: Barbara Kaśnikowska, President of WSEZ „INVEST-PARK”, Walter Deffaa, General Director of European Commission in the field of Regional and Urban Policy, Andrzej Kosiór, Vice-marshal of the province, Roman Szełemej, President of Wałbrzych and Beata Moskal-Słaniewska, President of Świdnica took part in this mission.
Also representatives of companies operating in Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone went to China – delegates from Cloos factory in Świdnica and ZPAS Group from Nowa Ruda. The delegation visited Chinese automotive production facilities and the Airbus plane factory.

– Establishing business contacts between our companies and the Chinese market can bring development of companies operating in the Zone – explains Barbara Kaśnikowska. – Chinese enterprises connected to innovative sectors are looking for places to invest in Europe. We presented the advantages of operating in a special economic zone and the values of our investment lands. It is to early though to say about concrete declarations of Chinese entrepreneurs – says the president of WSEZ “INVEST-PARK”

During the visit a cooperation agreement was signed between the province of city Tiencin and the city of Wałbrzych. It can effect next visits and series of projects in the future. The trip was financed by the European Commission. The Dolnośląskie Province was chosen as one of the participants of a pilot programme of establishing economic relationships with China. 40 percent of Polish export to the Middle Kingdom comes from this province. This value is not only due to KGHM company but also because of factories producing construction chemistry or accessories for cars like Faurecia operating in WSEZ. In Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone 17 enterprises have Asian capital (Japanese, Indian and South Korean). However none of Zone’s companies come from China.

The delegates took part in a conference in Euro-Asian Cooperation Center in Guangzhou

The delegates took part in a conference in Euro-Asian Cooperation Center in Guangzhou



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