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The second meeting of German investors

German entrepreneurs functioning within the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone have declared to incur as much as 4.8 billion zlotys of capital expenditure. The companies are planning to create 5,500 jobs. At the Topacz castle near Wrocław, the second meeting of German investors functioning within the WSEZ took place.

“The amount of foreign direct investment shows Poland’s close economic connections with other countries. German companies come first in this category, with their direct investments amounting to 20 billion euros,” emphasized Christiane Botshen, Deputy Consul General of Germany in Wrocław.

The entrepreneurs from the other side of the Odra river also constitute the largest group of foreign investors in the Wałbrzych zone. So far, 29 German companies have invested more than 3.5 billion zlotys and generated 3,500 jobs. Many investment projects are currently being carried out.

In the last two years, the WSEZ has attracted the following German firms: Volkswagen in Września, BSH in Wrocław, Turningtec in Bolesławies, Suer in Kościan, and, most recently, Framo Morat, a company that will lease a production floor in Nowa Ruda. Volkswagen alone will invest 3.4 billion zlotys to build a car manufacturing plant for Crafter utility vehicles near Września. One hundred thousand vehicles will roll off the production line each year, and around 3,000 people will be employed.

This has been the second meeting of companies with German capital operating within the Wałbrzych zone. There have also been conferences for representatives of American and Japanese investors.

“We have concluded that this format brings benefits to our investors. Entrepreneurs of a given nationality often encounter similar difficulties connected with legal or cultural matters,” explains Barbara Kaśnikowska, President of the WSEZ “INVEST-PARK”.

Last year’s meeting of German investors focused on vocational education. Since then, the “INVEST in EDU” educational cluster has been established, which is intended to connect entrepreneurs and schools, and to adapt their curricula to the needs of the economy. Soon, two company-sponsored classes will be established in cooperation with GKN Driveline and SEGEPO-REFA.

During the meeting at the Topacz castle, the most recent developments at the Wałbrzych zone were discussed. They include: increasing the size of the zone, completion of four production halls, launching two branch offices, creating a new internet portal and a platform for entrepreneurs, and an interactive map of investment lands.

Moreover, INVEST-PARK’s plans for the nearest future were presented: adding five new subzones, building new production halls, developing the areas near S3 and S8 motorways as well as further training sessions and HR managers’ meetings.

W Zamku Topacz pod Wrocławiem odbyło się drugie spotkanie niemieckich inwestorów działających w WSSE.



ul. Uczniowska 16, 58-306 Wałbrzych

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